ZAC B. SARIAN: Invited To Visit Lychee, Mango & Other Leisure Farms In Taiwan

Your blogger, Zac B. Sarian, has been invited to visit fruit and other leisure farms in Taiwan on June 11 to 15, 2017. One destination will be the Fairy Lake Leisure Farm in Tainan where we will experience picking and eating luscious lychee fruits from very low-growing trees. Aside from lychee, Fairy Lake is also famous for its longan but the harvest season is in August.Fairy Lake is an organic farm that also produces Arabica coffee and oranges.

Strong Wu (right) with Zac B. Sarian posing with low-growing lychee tree laden with ripe fruits. Strong Wu is the manager of Fairy Lake Leisure Farm.

Another farm that we will visit is the Hsiao Chong Fruit Farm, also in Tainan, which specializes in mangoes. In Taiwan, the mango trees are kept low by drastic pruning so that many trees are only five to seven feet high, or thereabouts. As such, the trees are just about three meters apart. Harvesting is very convenient and so is wrapping the fruits to protect them from insects.

ZBS posing with a cluster of immature longan fruits at Fairy Lake Leisure Farm. Harvest season is every August.

Two other fruit farms to visited are Jing Qing Leisure Farm in Changhua which specializes in guavas; the Naimi Grape farm in Miaoli; and theDakeng Farm inTainan which has pineapple and organic guavas. and the Mile High Cafe and Leisure Farm which has plums and gingers.

Zac B. Sarian with a very fruitful longan tree with immature fruits.
We are also scheduled to visit farms that produce shrimps. mullet roe, clams and other seafoods.

Our trip to Taiwan is thru the invitation of Calem Ngan, secretary of the Taiwan Leisure Farm Association. Jane Chen of Ever Bright Travel Agency is coordinating the trip. This will be the fourth year that we have been invited to visit leisure frms in Taiwan. We will keep you posted on our observations in Taiwan.

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  1. Sir is Fairy Lake leisure farm open to the public because I will be in Taiwan from June 12-14.Thank you

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