Our new book which costs P200 per copy plus shipping cost. You will not find it in bookstores because we don’t consign.

IN A FEW weeks, expect our new book to come off the press. Its title: 37 AGRI STORIES FULL OF FARM TIPS TO MAKE YOU RICH. Don’t expect, however, that you will find it in bookstores and other outlets because we will not do any consignment. It will be purely on cash basis. If we deliver the book to you, you just pay cash not check.

REASON WHY – Why? We are not going to consign because we are already super-seniors (more than 80) and we don’t want to spend our remaining years running after our consignees. Also we need cash, not checks, because seniors are not allowed to enter banks and other establishments. You can of course deposit the payment in our bank account which we will tell you at the right time. We can send your orders through JRS Express or LBC.

CAN YOU AFFORD? – Do you think you are willing to pay P200 + delivery cost for a copy of our book? If you are in the business of farming, we firmly believe you could and you should. Even just one bright idea that you will pick up from the book will be more than enough to compensate for your expense. It is even less than a cup of coffee plus croissant in a famous coffee shop.

WAIT FOR OUR SIGNAL – Anyway, don’t send any money now. We will tell you when the book is out and ready for delivery. So just wait for our go signal.

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  1. paano po ako maka-order ng book niyo (37 Agri Stories)? Pwed po ba sa Palawan ipadala yung payment na P200 plus shipping fee? Anong name po? how much is the shipping fee to Legazpi City, Albay? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks. ingat po

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