The large Black Pig is really big. Some say it can grow to as big as 300 kilos each.

NOT A FEW of our readers have been inquiring from us where they can source the Large Blafck Pig we once featured on the cover of Agriculture Magazine and in our blog. Well, you can try contacting the persons we know who are taking care of this heirloom hog breed from old England.

FIRST TO IMPORT – The first fellow we know who brought this large black hog from Australia is incumbent Nueva Vizcaya governor Carlos Padilla Jr. He has a farm in Dupax Sur.

IN TARLAC – Another is Ragsak Farm in Sta. Ignacia, Tarlac. Contact Carlo Sumaoang at 0917-571-1107. We gathered the farm has already multiplied the breed in big numbers.

IN ISABELA  you might contact Eugene Gabriel of Santiago City at 0917-898-0851 or 0908-890-2474. He has some, including crosses with Pietrain.

DESIRABLE TRAITS – Well, why do some people want the Large Black Pig? Well it has its own desirable traits. It is a big animal, grows fast, very prolific, docile and with good mothering ability. It is suitable for free-range hog farming.

CONSTRAINT – One reason why not many people have bought their own breeding stock is the stiff price. Eugene Gabriel told us he bought one boar for P45,000.

Goof luck!

The Large Black Pig is prolific and has good mothering ability.
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