A beautiful specimen of Aglaonema. Keep one or two in your nursery to attract customers.

ON OCTOBER 23, 2020, we talked on the phone with Edgar Godin, the Bisaya magazine editor who gave up his job in the city in April 2019 to go into farming full-time in the province. 

He is the fellow who planted organic vegetables in their rooftop in San Jose del Monte City that we featured here in our blog. He hoped to grow organic vegetables when he returned to the province to do his farming on a bigger scale.

ORNAMENTALS INSTEAD OF VEGGIES – At the time of our phone conversation, he was into ornamental plants instead of vegetables. He said that ornamental plants are very saleable in Bogo City in Cebu where he is now doing farming or gardening.

Edgar must have known that I was also in the ornamental plant business for a long time as a sideline while fully employed as agri journalist. So he asked us for some tips on how he could go about making growing ornamentals profitable.

Well, I will just give 5 practical tips here. I could give more than a hundred but let us just limit to 5 tips.

TIP NO. 1 – Get a worker who really loves growing plants. He could be an out-of-school youth or one of your relatives. Give him a reasonable pay so he will work hard and will not leave you.

TIP NO. 2 – Go around. Visit plant stores or nurseries in your own town, next towns and  other places, including Cebu City. Observe what they are selling. Make a list. List down their selling prices – for the small plants as well as the full-grown ones. This will help guide you on what to grow. Attend garden shows to find out new varieties as well as old favorites.

TIP NO.3 – Add a new variety or two every month, three months or so. That will encourage your customers to come back to find out what’s new in your nursery.

TIP NO. 4 – Grow a big, well-groomed specimen plant to show how beautiful one plant could be when grown properly. Give a high price for such specimen plant. Offer the smaller propagations at very affordable prices.

TIP NO. 5 – Be friendly and helpful to your customers. Be honest, 

 WATCH FOR many more tips on the ornamental plant business in future postings.

Attend garden shows such as the Kadayawan trade expo in Davao City.
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