ZACTO TOURS: For Experienced As Well As Newcomers In Agribusiness

ZACTO TOURS: For Experienced As Well As Newcomers In Agribusiness

Both experienced agri entrepreneurs and farming newcomers agree that the recent ZACTO Agribiz Tour in Taiwan (March 5-11, 2019) that they joined was “most fruitful, educational and enjoyable”. That’s how described the tour. Aside from the agri ideas they picked up,  they also enjoyed the good food.

The participants visited the Flying Cow Ranch which is a dairy-based agritourist destination, the Taichung World Flora Expo, the Taiwan Seed Improvement and Propagation Station, the A Liang Mushroom Garden, The Flower Home Leisure Farm which is famous for its essential oil extracts used in massage oil, arometherapy and skin care, the Vigor Kobo Pineapple cake factory, the pumpkin leisure farm, the Toucheng Leisure Farm, the Sunshine Scallion farm in Yilan, and a strawberry farm run by Winnie Hua, a young lady entrepreneur.

ZACTO TOURS is being undertaken by Jane Chen of Everbright Travel and Tours in collaboration with Toto Barcelona of Harbest Agribusiness and Zac Sarian, hence ZACTO or Zac & Toto Agri Learning Tours.

Dr. Ellecer  Babelonia Jr., a veterinarian with several agri projects in Batangas, is very happy about the new ideas he has picked up from the expo and the farms we visited. He is now interested to come up with a leisure farm for agritourism. His piggery which he started with just ten head now has a sow population of 400, each sow producing 20 piglets a year that are fattened for the market. He is the chairman of a feedmill that churns out 160,000 bags of feed for hogs, poultry and fish every month. He also has an 8-hectare pomelo farm that produced 90 tons last year.A plantation of old calamansi trees is now being transformed into a diversified farm. Bobby, that’s how he is better known, maintains a store for veterinary and agri supplies in San Juan, Batangas. That’s where he stays most of the time where he receives farmers who consult him on various concerns in piggery, marketing and other topics.

Felix and Nida Acelajado are new owners of a mango plantation in Pampanga that they bought not long ago. Felix is a real estate broker who now wants to do his own brand of farming. He and his wife have picked up some concrete ideas they would like to implement in their farm. Anita Co is a businesswoman in Manila who has a farm in Cavite. Her farm is more for pleasure. She loves to give her harvest of fruits and vegetables to relatives and friends. Pablito Villegas and his wife Susan are owners of a property that they have subdivided into farm lots in Malvar, Batangas. They, too, are full of ideas that they will adopt in their business. Roland Ong and his father Kiok Suy are successful Davao businessmen supplying inputs in banana and pineapple farms.

Pacita Ong of Palauig, Zambales, does not own any farm yet. However, she joined to ZACTO Tour just to find out opportunities in agriculture. Jacqueline Vega is undertaking her own style of organic farming in Kalibo, Aklan. Her husband is a medical doctor who has a lucrative practice in Manila.

ZACTO TOURS  will also undertake local tours. Being planned is a three-day Farm Visits & Fruit Eating Tour in Davao a few months from now.

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