ZACTO TOURS TO TAIWAN: July 17-22, 2019

Orange guava at the Jing Qing Guava Leisure Farm.

JANE CHEN of Everbright Travel & Tours is inviting farming and agritourism enthusiasts to join the Zacto Tours to Taiwan from July 17-22, 2019. Participants will visit the Flying Cow Ranch in Miaoli,  Mushhroom and fruit farms in Hsinchu county, Matigue Clam Farm and Orz Shrimp Farm in Yunlin, the Jing Qing Guava Farm in Taichung, Horticulture Farm in Hsinchu, Ximending Shopping district in Taipei, Toucheng Leisure Farm  and Scallion Farm in Yilan.

Violet Guava at the Jing Qing Guava Leisure Farm which has 16 varieties, including Perfume Guava.

For further info, those interested to join should contact Jane Chen at 0917-520-9001 or (832) 242-8961.

Jane Chen specializes in conducting Leisure Farm tours in Taiwan.
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