ZBS Invited To Visit Taiwan Leisure Farms

ZBS Invited To Visit Taiwan Leisure Farms
ZBS Invited To Visit Taiwan Leisure Farms
Zac Sarian, left, with Emil Diamante posing with a banana selection from Taiwan that is resistant to the Panama Wilt disease.

YOUR BLOGGER, ZAC B. SARIAN, has been invited to tour 12 interesting leisure farms in Taiwan on June 15 to 20, 2014 by the Taiwan Leisure Farms Development Association.

On June 15 we will visit the DaMorLee Eco-Friendly Farm in Kaohsiung famous for its no-border cuisines, then to the Fu Wan Leisure Farm in Pingtung.

On Day 2 we will visit the Xun Zhi Yuan Natural Garden Leisure Farm which is known for its herbs and eco-garden and creative cuisines.

On June 17, we will visit the Oyster Fishery Region where we will observe oyster production and tasting fresh sea foods. We will also be visiting lychee farms for fresh lychee picking.

On June 18 we will be at the Fairy Lake Leisure Farm in Tainan where organic gourmet foods are served.

The next day we will be visiting the Shan Pan Chia Leisure Farm and the Hua Lu Flower Home Leisure Farm, where we will be tasting flower and fruit cuisines.

On June 19 we will proceed to the Flying Cow Ranch and the Joye Indigo Dyeing Farm. Expect to read our reports in our blog as well as in the Manila Bulletin publications.

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