ZOOMLION: Big Combine Harvester Introduced

ZOOMLION: Big Combine Harvester Introduced

A newly inaugurated farm machinery dealer has introduced a big combine harvester that is claimed to be more powerful than the brands currently available in the Philippines.

ZOOMLION: Big Combine Harvester Introduced

This is the Zoomlion combine harvester being distributed by LCD Agrimachineries Inc. headed by Laureano C. Domingo based in Villasis, Pangasinan. The rice harvester comes in 88 and 95 hp models which are bigger than the common 60-70 hp models from other brands in the market. The big machine is distributed by Firstech Machinery Philippines Inc. and LCD Agrimac is the dealer for Northern Lujzon.

Because Zoomlion is more powerful, it can work faster in the field and has less chance of getting stuck in deep mud. The 95 hp can be equipped with a com kit. Its long and wide track/crawler provides perfect balance of the machine.

Zoomlionโ€™s long threshing cylinder (2000 mm) and grading sieve mean improved grain purity output and lower field losses of only 1 percent. Its high threshing capacity also means fast work in the field.

Aside from harvesters, LCD Agrimachineries also distributes tractors, rice transplanters, water pumps and other agricultural equipment. Next year, the company will put up branches in La Union, Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte, according toL.D. Domingo Jr. who is in charge of marketing. Contact him at 0917-654-0963 for more information.


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